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News Image Update 12
October 9, 2023, 5:32 pm


  • The logic behind the operation of ground-based consumable items, which provide positive combat effects when used, has been changed. The changes apply to all items except potions, which give +5 to characteristics. Consumable items can only be used if: the character is not on the water, the character does not have a similar effect of the same level, or the remaining duration of the similar effect of the same level is less than a minute.
  • Frozen arrow cooldown has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect display of class requirements on shields.
  • The display of requirements for a character's race, level, and class on items has been changed.
  • Added localization of class requirements on items.
  • Added localization of the list of equipment types on gems.
  • Added localization for the drop-down list of actions when player right-click on a character.
  • The button that removes yellow bags on the ground (drop) has been fixed and returned to the game client.
  • Fixed incorrect coordinates in the story quest to kill the mermaid queen.
  • Now Inert Stone shards turn into 10 units of dust if you double-click on them. Broken Inert Stone now turns into 100 dust when double-clicked.
  • When using a blessing potion, an effect appears on the character that displays the potion's cooldown time.


  • The giblets within the recipes have been slightly redistributed.
  • The recipe for a Weightless Potion from level 4 alchemy has been removed.
  • A recipe for level 3 energy potion has been added to level 5 blueprints.


  • We decided to introduce the 3rd equipment socket early. The chance of creating a 3rd slot when using a regular socket set is 30%.
  • Gems have been added to the game: Feng's Defense, Shark's Strengthening, Small Shark's Strengthening. You can find out more about them on the Wiki.
  • A level 3 energy potion has been added to the game, giving 60 spirit for 10 minutes.
  • Full Body Armor no longer reduces attack and movement speed. Now it gives 70 defense, 300 HP and SP.
  • Battle Array no longer reduces defense. It now gives 75 attack and 10 attack speed.


  • Monsters in the Lone Tower 4, 5, 6 now drop special items that can be exchanged for Feng's Defense, Shark's Strengthening, Small Shark's Strengthening.
  • Lone Tower 4, 5, 6 are now home to 2 types of robots, each in a single copy, which have an increased frop rate of items that are exchanged for introduced gems.
  • Added Hexathlon quest. It has been redesigned into a daily quest. Details of quest work on Wiki.

Eternal Garden:

  • Taking a curse in the Eternal Garden can no longer be blocked. The curse is taken immediately as soon as the character stands on the first point.
  • Increased HP for champions. All 3 champion variants now have 210 attack speed.


  • The cost of the lucky socket set has been increased due to the appearance of 3 equipment sockets 150 > 250 IMPs.
  • Added to the Potions section: Battle Array, Full Body Armor, Reinforcement package 1 (test combined consumable).
  • Added Battleship Armor and a Triangle Sail to the Potions section.
  • A golden ax has been added to the Other section. The ax doubles the drop rate of logs, the ax breaks after 1000 chops on the tree.
  • Tickets that teleport to specific points in DW 1 have been added to the Other section. They can only be used while in DW 1 or DW 2.